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As they are a product of nature, it is vital your flowers are cared for correctly in order to ensure your flowers live as long as possible. Upon receiving your blooms, (and taking some snaps of how beautiful they look all wrapped up!) please read below and follow our instructions! 
Find a vase which is going to support and enhance the flowers at the same time! Once you've selected the perfect vase, ensure it is clean and fill it up with water to a level where all of the stems will be easily emerged in water.
Unwrap your flowers and remove the wet pack which is wrapped around the base of the stems. (This wet pack is there to aid the flowers when they are not in a vase, and although effective, a wet pack is not a sufficient water source forever!)
Once all of the wrapping material is out of the way, cut the stems on an angle a few centimetres from the base of the stem. If they stems seem particularly dry, this means they will not drink water, so cut them a bit more.
Make sure there is no excess foliage below the water line and you are done! Keep an eye on the water and replace with fresh water every 1-2 days (or when it starts to look a bit murky).
Remember: do not place your flowers in direct sunlight next to a sunny window, or in the direct path of heater or air conditioner.
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