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In the details of each product, it states what the size is of the product featured in the image. 
Please remember each product image may feature a different size.
There are 5 different size options for each RRF Store product.
S - Stands for Small and the perfect option for 'it's the thought that counts.
M - Stands for Medium and is a lovely size to give and receive.
L - Stands for Large and is our most popular option. It is impressive but a great option if you don't want to go over the top.
XL - Stands for Extra Large and is the perfect gift if you really want to impress!
XXL - Stands for Extra Extra Large and is the ideal arrangement if you really want to go that bit further than impress and 'WOW' someone!
Bridal Store:
Every product image in the RRF Bridal store features the largest size available, (being the 'Bride' bouquet or 'Groom' buttonhole).
The 'Bridesmaid' is very similar to the 'Bride' but is slightly smaller in size and doesn't feature as many premium blooms.
The 'Other' buttonhole is very similar to the 'Groom' but is simpler, featuring slightly less detail and embellishment.
Do you want more information on sizes? Feel free to email us any queries!