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Large Potted Cyclamen
Large Potted Cyclamen
Large Potted Cyclamen

Large Potted Cyclamen


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What am I?

I am a large plant featuring white flowers, which sit above dense, patterned foliage. Potted into a plastic, terracotta coloured pot, I love the outdoors, as long as it is undercover or protected from the rain.

Why choose me?

Choose me for any occasion! I am the perfect gift for Mother's Day, or for someone who may be getting a lot of cut flowers, as I am different, flowering for months.


I am potted into a plastic pot which has an approx. 30cm diameter. I can be an outdoor or indoor plant - I should be kept moist and watered every few days. I am long-flowering and generally flower from Autumn through till Spring.

For the outdoors, please place me in a sheltered position, protected direct sun. Please bring inside, if there are harsh weather conditions or rain etc.

For the indoors, please place me a in cool & airy position, far away from heaters. Even if placed indoors, I still benefit from being put outside every so often.